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Founded in 1987, Eonchemicals is one of the first Indonesian companies that pioneered local research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and technical service for specialty chemicals. Through the years, we have developed the expertise of our people. We excel and are committed to provide on-site technical service and problem solving.

Through the years, we have served and supported various heavy industries in Indonesia. Some of them are the oil & gas industry, steel plants, pipe manufacturers, petrochemical plants, power generation plants, pulp and paper industry, wood industry and mining industry.

Distribution Network

We believe that excellent and dedicated technical service can only be given by being situated close to the customer. As such, we are continuously increasing our network of representative offices and distributors in Indonesia.

We believe in "Local presence, with a company-wide support". Many of our engineers are based on-site as consultants to our customers. At the same time, these local engineers are connected to other EON engineers via our intranet computer network.

Hence, they are able to draw on a huge reservoir of knowledge and experience to assist in problem solving on-site. Aside from troubleshooting and recommending solutions, our engineers can also help in implementing and monitoring chemical treatment programs. Our ultimate goal is to provide continuous improvements for our customers.

Gedung Gadjah Unit Z Jl. Dr. Sahardjo No. 111
Tebet - Jakarta 12810
Telp: (021) 830 8226 (Hunting)
Fax : (021) 830 8711


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