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P.T. Sumber Daya Kelola (SDK): was the main catalyst in promoting the use of medium size modular gas plants (MMGP) in Indonesia and as a result SDK is the first private company to enter into a contract with PERTAMINA for this type of enterprise. After reaching a final agreement with PERTAMINA in late 1993, SDK has commissioned and is now operating and maintaining the first MMGP which is processing gas from PERTAMINA's Tugu Barat Field located in West Java. This first plant produces LPG, lean gas, CO2 and condensate.

PT. SDK is associated with W.L. Hamilton Engineering P.C., USA, one of the most important designers, fabricators and suppliers of MMGP's. In addition to being sole agent in Indonesia for this type of gas processing equipment, SDK has the specialized process engineering, design and installation capability to manage a project from its inception to commissioning in addition to operating and maintaining a producing facility.

The SDK-MMGPs are designed to process gas in quantities ranging from 5 to 300 million cubic feet per day. They are the most cost effective means developed to date of recovering gas from lower volume resources.

The MMGP is built around basic gas processing technology combined with state of the art computer operated process control as well as plant management and safety systems. This results in a cost effective and reliable plant.

An MMGP is particularly suited to process gas that would otherwise be flared. The particular feature of the MMGP that attracted PERTAMINA was that these plants capture and process natural gas from smaller fields that are un-economic for large scale LNG type plants.

In addition, the MMGP concept also has been used in stripping gas from pipeline systems in the range of 50 to 400 MMSCFD. This feedstock / fuel is particularly suited for industries such as : Fertilizer, Steel, Refinery, Cement, etc.

Meticulous detail went into the planning, design and fabrication of this first SDK-MMGP and this attention to detail has resulted in a plant that is both efficient and easy to maintain as well as requiring a minimum of manpower and supervision to operate. In contrast to large scale LNG type facilities, the MMGP does not involve complex gas processing technology. They have also been extensively tested over three decades in thousands of locations around the world.

With the introduction of the SDK-MMGP it is now possible, rather than damaging the environment by flaring the gas, to turn this otherwise wasted resource into useful and valuable products.


Head Office :
Jl. Wijaya VI No. 11
Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan

Telp :
62-21-7211046 (hunting)

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Email :
Arief Soesilo Wiranto = [email protected]
Robin Lim Eng Swee = [email protected]
Hugo Pandu Wiweko = [email protected]
Dani Oktiono = [email protected]


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